Sweater Weather Hairstyle Ideas

Sweater Weather Hairstyle Ideas

Winter is in full swing and it’s definitely sweater weather. Such weather demands comfortable fabrics, elegant hairstyles (which can also be worn with hats), and skin care. A weather hairstyle with a sweater should look harmonious with a layered outfit, a scarf, a chunky knit and even a hat. Which ideas need to be considered?


A ponytail is a great idea to wear in winter, whether low or high. It doesn’t stop you from wearing a large scarf, hood, or turtleneck. You can make it more interesting with a large braid on top or right in the ponytail.


A braid is the trendiest hairstyle of all time and is great for wearing in pullover weather: you can wear it with hats and caps and it always looks super cute. There are many types of braids to try: fishtail, Dutch, French, double and so on, so you can easily find something cool.


A bun is the most popular hairstyle for sweater weather: it is ideal for wearing with turtlenecks, hoods, scarves and other winter items. A messy or elegant topknot or low bun is an easy hairstyle that can be made in a minute and renewed if necessary. Wearing a beanie isn’t the best idea, but if you do have a hat, you can go for a messy low bun.

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