Sweater Dress Boots Outfits

We have already shared some ideas for wearing a sweater dress, and today I want to show you some looks of the most popular way to rock such a dress – wearing it with boots. For such looks in winter, high boots are the most comfortable idea, for example overknee boots or just knee boots. Let’s take a closer look at both of them.

Overknee boots

Overknee boots look incredibly sexy, they visually elongate your legs, so it’s high time you put them on! Actually, I can’t think of a better pair for a sweater dress than boots like these, they are only made for each other. Whatever your dress is: an off-the-shoulder, oversized dress, a sheath or any other dress, it looks fantastic and very girlish with boots like this, and it is a very comfortable combination when it’s cold. Prefer suede boots, as leather boots can look vulgar.

Other types of boots

You can also try knee or even lower boot types with a sweater dress. It all depends on the look you want and the style you like. Don’t be afraid of flat boots, they are very comfortable and look great! Try shiny leathers and only leather for a modern, casual look. If your sweater dress is really long, you can also wear ankle boots.

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