Sunglasses Types 2020

Sunglasses Types 2020

Summer is almost here and wherever we spend it, sunglasses are a must – not just in summer, but also in spring, autumn and even winter. What are the hottest sunglasses for 2020?

Cat eye sunglasses

Cat eye sunglasses are classics, they will never go out of style and come in many sizes and widths. This year, choose very narrow and long cat-eye sunglasses – they are not very comfortable to wear, but they look very angular.

Aviator glasses

Aviators are another classic idea that doesn’t fit all face shapes, but if so, it’s perfect. Aviators can come with a retro feel or in some bright colors if you want to add color to the look.

Large and round sunglasses

Big and round sunglasses are a trend this year – if they suit you, rock them boldly. They can be in thick colorful frames or in thin metal frames for a retro touch, it’s up to you.

Geometric sunglasses

Geometric sunglasses are another trend this year, and you can try out all the shapes and angles that will suit your face shape. All kinds of colors and frames are also welcome!

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