Summer Party Outfits For Men

It’s time for summer parties! And to really celebrate, you need a chic outfit to rock. If you’re the type of guy looking for party outfit inspiration, this round-up is what we need – you will have loads of great looks to steal!

Less formal looks

Go for a less formal look with rolled up pants, a neutral shirt or t-shirt and espadrilles that you like. For a chic, contrasting outfit, go for a navy shirt and black espadrilles or matching black ones. Go to a very relaxed party? Skip pants and put on ripped jeans or denim shorts, they are sure to go with the outfit.

More formal looks

If it’s a pretty formal party a suit can be a good idea, pair it with a t-shirt and slippers and voila! You can also opt for shorts and a stylish shirt of a contrasting shade and top off the look with shoes without socks or slippers. Check out the ideas below for some inspiration!

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