Summer Men Espadrilles Outfits

I’m sure almost everyone knows what espadrilles are, but if it’s just another word you don’t know, then this article is going to be very interesting and informative. So let’s get started! Espadrilles are popular flat shoes with an upper made of canvas or cotton fabric and a sole made of esparto rope. You can find shoes with different upper parts, but the esparto rope sole of all these shoes is always immutable and always looks the same. For summer days, this type of shoes is very comfortable and easy to combine, so you can boldly add them to your outfits. Remember that espadrilles are casual shoes, so under no circumstances should you wear them to business meetings! Combine them with various items of clothing and summer accessories such as sunglasses and hats and create a casual and holiday look. Now you can scroll down to consider all of the outfit ideas and pick a perfect one for you.

Neutral color espadrilles

Many men choose shoes of neutral colors and masterfully mix them with eye-catching clothes. For example, you can take dark blue shoes and combine them with a tropical or floral t-shirt, trousers with red cuffs, and oversized sunglasses. Or pair black espadrilles with navy straight pants and a striped long sleeve shirt for an incredibly simple, navy outfit. You can also choose white, tan or brown shoes and pair them with a white classic t-shirt and camel shorts.

Light color and printed espadrilles

If you like creative looks and want something bold then check out the espadrilles below. Don’t limit yourself to simple colors, experiment with turquoise, lilac, light blue, neon green, etc. Try mixing a white shirt with black polka dots, camel pants and red espadrilles. Love prints? Then you can combine a white classic shirt, red pants, black belt and cool flower shoes.

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