Summer Clutches

A clutch is a universal type of bag: it can be carried almost anywhere and always looks great no matter what you rock it with – a dress or a worn-out jeans. It can be great for a party or for work, and you won’t find a cooler bag. I think you already have some clutches to wear, but today I’m going to be inspiring you to buy (or make) more – these gorgeous clutches are fantastic for adding a summery feel to your look. Let’s start!

Fruity clutches

Fruits scream for summer, and you can add a cheerful touch to your look with a colorful, fruit-shaped bag – a slice of watermelon, lemon and orange. Accentuate your neutral or white outfit with a super bold fruity clutch. A piece like this is also great for an informal party, especially if you are wearing a fruit print look.

Neutral couplings

A straw sack is a traditional summer and beach piece, and you can get a trendy and fresh version of it – a straw clutch with matching pompoms or tassels. Another idea is a cork coupling with metallic leaf decor and details – such an unusual material will attract attention.

Colorful clutches

Summer is the season of bold colors, so don’t hesitate to rock them all! You can wear a neutral outfit or a colorful outfit with a bold clutch. Colorful pearls, rhinestones and sequins are just the thing for a bold outfit. Add pompoms, embroidery, and tassels depending on the style of your outfits and looks.

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