Summer Boho Chic Outfits For Girls

Are you feeling free spirited this summer? Dress up in super trendy boho chic style! I think this is the best style for summer to feel relaxed and sexy. The bohemian style is all about lace, fringes, leather and suede, ethnic and boho patterns, bold colors and light fabrics. It’s about comfortable shoes and boots and adorable accessories. This style is perfect for summer, fall and actually all year round, and a lot of the details from it get super trendy from time to time. So how do I compose a beautiful boho summer look?

Get stylish denim shorts and a casual boho t-shirt cool boho-inspired accessories (take a lot because you can’t go over the top in this style) and a hat. Or maybe a flowing maxi skirt and a crop top, light sandals and lots of accessories. If you want a super gypsy and boho outfit, take all the items with prints and embroidery, if you just want to spice up your outfit in a boho style, take all the neutrals and then just a boho piece and maybe accessories for a balance . Look out for printed kimonos, hats, ankle boots and fringe accessories – they are perfect for adding a strong boho feel to any outfit. Check out how various fashionistas have done it in style below and get inspired!

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