Summer 2020 Hats

Go on vacation or want to embellish your summer look? Add a hat! A hat emphasizes your outfit and makes it even more summery and gives it a light holiday feeling. Which hats are trendy in summer 2020?

Straw hats

If you are looking for a classic that is stylish and cute, a straw hat is the perfect option. It compliments all of your warm weather outfits, from linen pants and floral summer dresses to denim shorts.

Oversized hats

If you like statement hats, you need these in your closet. A dramatic floppy-brimmed accessory is best for staging influencer photos and will delight everyone with your vacation look. Don’t wear this around the city and keep this for hot places.

Bucket hats

Something that went from 0 to 100 very quickly: Bucket Hats. In just a month, the same style that was used to protect fishermen from the sun is now a show stopper and the secret weapon to make any outfit an instant winner. Editors, influencers and celebs wore them all the time, maybe it’s time for you to give it a try too?

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