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Stylish Men Vacation Outfits

We all love vacations, especially by the seaside, and we’ve already shared some cool outfit ideas for the girls who are on vacation, and today it’s the boys’ turn! Guys should look no less awesome than girls, so let’s look at some great ideas!

Of course, to feel relaxed, don’t wear ties or jackets – choose a more relaxed style, including loose pants and shirts or t-shirts. Prefer natural fabrics like cotton or linen to avoid overheating and to let your skin breathe. If it’s hot, put on shorts and a t-shirt – and enjoy the weather! Would you like to add a bit of elegance? Replace your t-shirt with a shirt. If it has long sleeves, just roll it up. If it’s a seaside vacation, try an elegant nautical style with lots of blues and whites. Blues of any kind is relevant on every vacation, they look more relaxed than gray or brown.

To talk about shoes, I would recommend toms, briefs, espadrilles, or sandals because they are comfortable and you won’t feel hot. Check out the stylish examples below and get inspired!

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