Style Midi Skirt For Winter

Midi skirts are love – they are super comfortable and make your look very feminine. You can wear them in any season and any occasion. How do you style a midi skirt in winter? Here are some ideas for doing it in style.

Which midi skirts are there right now? Leather, suede, velvet, tweed and lighter, even capricious flower skirts are good to wear in winter. The thicker the fabric, the less cold you will feel. Pleated skirts are still on trend, and when you’re preparing for the vacation, why not wear a metallic pleated skirt? Pair it with a simple basic sweater, heels and voila.

How to style a midi skirt? Wear your midi skirt with a sweater or turtleneck, add sock boots or other boots that pull up your leg and end under the skirt. To create a modern silhouette, give preference to an oversized sweater and pencil skirt. In this case, sneakers will work just fine.

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