Stripes Men Outfits

As you already know, stripes are definitely the trend of the year, and we’ve already shown how to rock them in a chic way for girls. Today is the time for men! For men, stripes are usually worn on T-shirts, shirts, jackets, and even ties – striped pants are not as popular. Now let’s take a look at the trendiest ideas you could rock this spring.

Casual looks

Create a casual or weekend look by rocking a striped t-shirt or long sleeve striped top depending on the weather. Add distressed jeans or sports pants, then boots or sneakers and you’re good to go! Coats and blazers are optional in bad weather – if you need one, just put them on, this combination of distressed denim and a formal coat or blazer is chic!

Looking for work

Wear stripes too to be on trend! You can opt for a striped shirt, add trousers or jeans if allowed, a tie, some boots or shoes and glasses or a stylish watch. Another idea is to buy a small accessory like a stripe tie. It’s a very budget friendly idea to stay on top with!

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