Striped Winter Outfits For Men

Winter is here and I’m sure you have already prepared for this season and created some cool winter outfits. But today we want to show you how to make your look more eye-catching and amazing. And, of course, the easiest way to achieve this is to add printed materials to your clothing combinations. We have put together various outfit ideas with striped scarves, hats, sweaters, pants and jackets, which you can find below. Let yourself be inspired and enjoy!

Outfits with striped sweaters and pants

It will be a difficult choice as there are many different striped sweater ideas out there. First of all, you can combine a classic black sweater with white stripes with a gray jacket, straight trousers with beige cuffs, a dark blue hat, a brown leather clutch, sunglasses and lace-up boots. Second, you can choose a black and brown sweater and pair it with an olive green parka coat, brown knitted scarf, brown cuff pants, mid-calf lace-up boots, and a large leather backpack. And third, try repeating a look with a brightly colored loose sweater in blue, brown, black, and red (or any combination of colors), beige pants, and black shoes. With a striped pants you can create a very elegant and trendy outfit by combining a gray sweater with a printed bomber jacket, horizontally striped black and white pants, two colored shoes and a black leather bag.

Outfits with striped scarves and hats

For an everyday look, add a black beanie hat with a blue stripe to your classic navy jacket and black pants. You can create another casual outfit by adding a black and white striped scarf to a combo with a plaid buttoned shirt, light blue cardigan, brown jacket, pom pom beanie hat, cuff jeans and black lace-up boots.

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