Striped Culottes Spring Outfits

Striped Culottes Spring Outfits

There are so many cool and fabulous outfit ideas with culottes out there that we keep sharing them with you. And today we’re talking again about printed ones and it’s time for striped culottes. As usual, depending on the shape of your body, you can choose pants with horizontal or vertical stripes (and don’t forget to include a width of stripes). Then think about the colors of your new culottes: You can take classic culottes with a black and white color combination or try something creative and choose, for example, red culottes with black stripes or black, yellow and white striped pants. Now I offer you to scroll down as we have put together some very interesting outfit ideas for you.

Outfits with flat and low heels

If you’re looking to create a laid-back outfit, choose a white loose fit wrap shirt and pair it with striped pants, white sneakers, sunglasses and a beige chain strap bag. Or you can combine a black T-shirt, black and white pants with a belt, black platform sandals and a brown backpack. Do you want to do a feminine look? Then you can combine a black top with a black scarf, white culottes with narrow stripes, black decorated sandals with low heels, a black leather bag and a straw hat with a wide brim. Or, you can turn a top into a white loose ruffle blouse and a bag into a Marsala or brown leather clutch.

Outfits with high heels

Don’t be afraid to look flashy! For example, you can pair a striped shirt with striped pants and add neutral accessories like classic sunglasses and a black leather bag. Or try pairing a floral blouse with a purple cardigan, red and black culottes, gray platform sandals, and a brown bag. Would you like to add colors to your outfit? Then pair a yellow leather jacket with yellow and black culottes, black high heels and a clutch.

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