Stacked Ear Piercings

Stacked pierced ears are very trendy: they really emphasize your look and look trendy and stylish. These are not just double piercings that are often seen here and there, but also triple and more piercings that are done one after the other. Many celebrities and fashionistas like Kylie Jenner, Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence are already rocking this trend. Let’s take a closer look at that

What stacked piercings exist

You can make stacked piercings anywhere. However, if we take ears, then the lobes and helix are the most fashionable options as they are big enough to hold multiple earrings at once. They are usually done equidistant from each other to achieve more symmetry.

Earrings for stacked piercings

Keep in mind that any mismatched earrings will look weird once you’ve stacked piercings. You need to combine your earrings or buy ready-made sets to add style to your ear. Choose a style, metal, or the same rhinestone for easy matching. Get inspired and look brave!

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