Square Toe Shoes Boots Outfits

Bottega Veneta stole the show with their square toe shoes last year and they became a great trend. This year she’s still at the top, even more so than before. If you want to see some edgy models with square toes and know how to wear and style them properly, here are some trendy ideas.

Square toe boots

Square toe boots are a good idea if spring is on the chilly side for you. They look great with jeans, skirts, dresses, and can be rocked in different colors – teal, emerald, red, pink, burgundy, and others. Soft caramel, brown and camel tones make your outfit more elegant and vintage-like.

Square toe shoes

When we take shoes with us, there are mostly strappy sandals that show off your feet as much as possible and lengthen your legs. Opt for bold colors like blue or stone white that go well with many outfits. You can also try wire shoes, which look plain for a whimsical touch. Be brave this spring!

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