Square Toe Ankle Boots Outfits

You may love them or you may hate them, but ankle boots with square toes are a modern and very up-to-date staple, with which your looks and outfits are particularly bold and fresh. Square toes are all the rage and not going anywhere. If you have boots like this but aren’t sure how to style them, here are some ideas.

Pick any square toe boots you like: chelsea, fight, usual, or others. Rock base colors, bold hues or even snakeskin print to add an accent. Square toe boots are great to wear with pants and jeans: you can choose long boots and hide your boots under them, or display them in the best cropped boots. In this way, your ankle boots with square toes go under your trousers and create a harmonious silhouette.

The same goes for skirts and dresses: long ones hide your boots and only leave trendy toes visible, while shorter skirts show off your boots. In such a case, you should carefully combine different colors and prints – your boots will become part of the look and a bold and trendy accessory. Be inspired by various ideas we have gathered and be on trend!

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