Spring Men Outfits With Vans

Vans are popular sneakers because they look cool and are very comfortable. If you already have a pair of these or are looking to buy and don’t know how to wear them, we’re here to help! Today’s recap is dedicated to Vans outfits for men this spring. Let yourself be inspired!

T-shirt + jeans

This is a classic combination because nothing is more natural than jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers. Such a casual and relaxed look is fantastic for every day and very easy to create. Jeans can be anything: blue, white, black, normal, desperate and so on. T-shirts can also be different: plain or printed, in different colors and shades. Add a plaid shirt or denim or army green jacket or even a bomber jacket when it’s cold and voila, you are awesome!

Sweatshirt + jeans

This is another very popular combo for any type of vans because it really means looking informal. If it’s cold outside, why not wear a sweatshirt and jeans or pants? You can wear a t-shirt underneath to take it off when it gets warmer, and you can also create a layered look with a jacket or bomber for the colder weather. Get inspired!

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