Snug Piercings Ideas

Tired of looking ordinary? Do you want something unique and bold? Then try a sung piercing! Because of its relatively short healing time and flexibility, you can also choose from a wide variety of jewelry styles, which makes it very popular these days.

The tight-fitting piercing runs along the antihelix of the ear next to the ear canal. Both the inner and outer cartilages of the ear are pierced, while of course you have the final say on the exact placement. It is a very simple piercing, but one that is distinguished by the uniqueness of the place. The tight-fitting piercing is slightly more painful than the standard ear piercing due to the thickness of the cartilage in the region.

The tight-fitting piercing is a very versatile area that is suitable for a variety of jewelry types including: traditional tragus jewelry or classic dumbbells, hoops and rings such as segment rings, curved and round dumbbells. Take a look at the ideas and be inspired!

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