Small Neck Tattoos Guys

For me, the beginning of the new year means new and fresh ideas, that’s why we have prepared cool and stylish ones for you. Today I want to tell you about small tattoos that you can put on your neck. Of course, you first need to decide where you want to make them: on the sides or on the nape of the neck (or maybe you are ready to put a small tattoo on the front). After that, choose a design for your new tattoo, it can be something classic and common like anchors, triangles, a cross, or words, or you can choose unique and special tattoos inspired by, for example, art or a movie tattoo. And third, you decide what color your tattoo should be: black, white or colored. Now you can scroll down to see some interesting small neck tattoo ideas and get some inspiration!

Small back neck tattoo ideas

I’m sure you will agree that the nape of the neck is a great place for small tattoos. You have a huge amount of tattoo ideas, for example an elegant anchor or star, intricate tribal designs, meaningful cross or word tattoos. Don’t forget about fun tattoos like barcodes or pictures of video game or movie characters. One of the advantages of this type of tattoo is that you can easily cover it with a variety of scarves or collared jackets or shirts (great for office workers).

Small tattoo ideas for the side neck

Small side neck tattoos often have a very simple design (e.g. black snowflakes, quote, crown, birds, etc.). But if you want something original, you can of course make colored superhero shields, red lips, or even stormtroopers inspired by the Star Wars movie. In addition to simple tattoos on the side neck, you can also pay attention to tattoos behind the ear.

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