Small Henna Tattoos

Henna is incredibly popular for tattoos: it’s temporary, so you can accent your body for some time, for example for your vacation, and show it off in a cool bikini. Also, having a henna tattoo gives you the opportunity to try a design and see if you are comfortable with it. Today I want to inspire you with different little henna tattoos, so take a look and try something out!

hands and arms

Hands and fingers are the most popular placements for henna tattoos because just imagine these delicate and feminine lace patterns and designs on your hands, wow! Mandalas, flowers, lace patterns and various other things will make your hands amazing. A wrist or arm is also a popular placement. There you can see mandalas, different sentences, patterns, as well as sun and stars.

Legs and feet

Accentuate your beautiful legs and feet with cool henna mandalas, various delicate patterns, and even some boho designs like dream catchers with feathers. A chic pattern on your ankle makes it even thinner and highlights its beauty.


I love the idea of ​​rocking a henna belly tattoo for a maternity photoshoot, it’s so unusual and daring! Place your small henna tattoo on your shoulder, neck, or back and choose the design you’ve always wanted to try. Now rock the tattoo on the beach in a gorgeous swimsuit!

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