Small Cat Women Tattoos

I think a cat tattoo is one of the most popular among women. So if you are looking for an animal tattoo then you can boldly ink cute or gorgeous cat tattoos. And of course, as always, you should know the meanings of these tattoos. First of all (and it is very easy to guess), cat is a symbol of a feminine power. You can choose an elegant and chic picture of a cat that shows your refinement. Second, you can find the information that cats are symbols of good fortune and prosperity, make a tiny cat tattoo behind the ear or inside the finger. And in third place, cat tattoos mean a secret and secrets. Now let’s look at pictures and interesting tips. Maybe you can find a perfect tattoo for you today!

Black cat tattoo ideas

When you hear about black cats, you are sure to think of folklore myths. You can choose between an absolutely black tattoo or a stunning minimalist black outline tattoo and place it wherever you want: on the wrists, neck, back or ankles. If you want something cute then keep an eye out for kitten tattoo ideas. For those who love modern ideas, I offer a look at geometric cat ideas, they are awesome! Another cool idea is to do a portrait tattoo that you can use to put pictures of your favorite animals on your arms.

Colorful cat tattoo ideas

Don’t be afraid to ask your tattoo artist to add bright colors to your new tattoo: green, red, orange, blue, etc. You already know a lot about watercolor technique, so maybe you should give it a try? Below are some awesome watercolor ideas. Are you ready for unique and original tattoos? Then you can do a stained glass cat tattoo. No matter what type of tattoo you choose, you are sure to look stunning!

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