Small Book Women Tattoos

It’s so cool when tattoos show off your personality and your real interests or hobbies. If you enjoy reading, you will definitely like this idea! Today, let’s look at some book-inspired tattoo ideas for women. Nowadays, this type of tattoo is becoming very popular, and many young women and men ink various books. They take simple pictures of books or combine them with other tattoos like animal, bird, infinity sign, heart etc. Now you should scroll down for some inspiration and choose a perfect tattoo for you. Enjoy!

Black small book tattoo ideas

Besides simple and classic black outline tattoos, you can also focus on modern 3D tattoos. You can also add an extra one to your tattoo, e.g. B. a tattoo of a cat or a fox lying on the books, or with pages that turn into birds and fly away. You can create several small tattoos united by one idea, such as: B. a travel-inspired combination – pictures of a coffee, a book and an airplane. If you like tattoos with meaningful phrases, you can check out tattoos with a quote on the page of a book or above the various books (or a stack of books) as shown in the pictures below.

Colorful Small Book Tattoo Ideas

If you want more attractive and eye-catching tattoos, you need to choose colored ones. All you need is to choose a color (or palette) or take your favorite color and ink a book tattoo on your wrists, back, neck or ankles. As always, I want to offer you a watercolor tattoo idea because it looks fresh and unique and will turn any simple tattoo into an intricate and awesome one. You can also add colorful flowers, animals, or funny characters to your stack of book tattoos.

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