Small Anchor Men Tattoos

Small Anchor Men Tattoos

We already told you about small anchor tattoo ideas for women. Today let’s talk about interesting ideas for men. An anchor is one of the oldest symbols used in the tattoo industry and many young men and women choose it as their first tattoo. It has many meanings and everyone picks it up according to their reason. You should know that tattoos designed by anchors generally mean stability and loyalty. However, by adding different elements (a rope, roses or other flowers, an infinity sign, etc.) to this type of tattoo, you can change the meaning to another. Now you can look at our collected ideas below and choose a right one for you. Get inspired!

Black anchor tattoo ideas

Black tattoos always look stylish and elegant, and ideally pair with other tattoos, so an anchor is no exception. Usually men place their tiny anchor tattoos on wrists, fingers (you can get tattoos on multiple fingers), shoulders, ankles, neck and arms. But when you’re ready for bold ideas and something unique, you can put it on your face or in your ears.

Colored anchor tattoo ideas

If you want to pick up a colorful tattoo, you need to think about a color palette and how it will blend in with other colored tattoos (if you already have them, of course). You have two options: choose a mix of simple neutral colors such as black, white, gray, and brown, or light and eye-catching colors, e.g. B. Red, pink, green, orange, blue etc. You can add some details to your simple colors shaped colorful anchor tattoo like a rope, your initials or motivational words. Don’t forget about the tattoos that are done using the watercolor technique, they look fresh and beautiful!

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