Sexy Lace Up Swimsuits

Lace-up is a trendy detail for clothes and shoes, a hot trend rocked by many celebrities. Our beach look shouldn’t be forgotten! Rock a gorgeous lace-up swimsuit for a sexy look and be on trend! Here are some of the coolest swimsuit lace options.

One-piece swimsuits

Most lace-up swimsuits are one-piece to show off the lacing as best as possible. They can have different colors and different prints. The lacing is usually in the front, it’s a very sexy detail that can be from small and short to even very long. Another idea is side lacing – on both sides or on one side it can also be partial or full lacing. You can find all designs from strappy and strapless to sporty swimwear with long sleeves. Such a detail will always look stunning and very sexy, you will not go unnoticed.


Lace-up bikinis are harder to find because you don’t get a lot of lacing, but they’re no less sexy. Here the lacing on the sides can be at the top – just a lacing for highlighting or at the bottom of the high waist. Go for a fully laced bottom for a gorgeous look. To be great!

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