Sewing Tattoo Ideas

In my opinion everyone needs a hobby and we are free to choose any hobby we want. And what about you? Have you already picked up? Because it’s so cool when a hobby becomes a life’s work! So today I want to focus on the popular women’s hobby like sewing. So, if you are really into sewing clothes and accessories, then you should pay attention to all tattoo ideas. As always, you have a really wide choice, you can come up with unique ideas and express your creativity. For example, you can do a simple but classic black needle and thread tattoo and place it on your neck, shoulders, ankles or back. Or, you can ask your tattoo artist to ink an original mannequin or vintage sewing machine tattoo on your biceps, back, or legs. Now I am offering you to take a careful look at all of the tattoo designs listed below. Get inspired!

Black sewing tattoo ideas

A lot of girls choose a tattoo with stitches, and I’m sure it’s a brilliant idea if you want a small (or even tiny) minimalist and original tattoo at the same time. You can repeat an idea with stitches that are in the shape of a heart or a hanger and place them on your neck or behind the ear. If your mom or close friend loves (or loves) sewing, you can sew tattoos in honor (or in memory of her), it’s so touching!

Colorful sewing tattoo ideas

Add colorful details to your black outline sewing machine tattoos. For example, you can color tiny red hearts, colored threads or buttons. When you’re ready for big tattoos, any sewing accessory (scissors, tape measure, safety pins, pincushion, needle, and thread) can be used to get a tattoo on your back, shoulders, forearms, or thighs.

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