Scorpion Tattoo Ideas

Are you looking for ideas for your next tattoo adventure? Horoscope signs are always the right decision for astrology fanatics. If you think you may be wearing the traits of your mark, you should seriously consider getting one on any part of your body. Today I want to inspire those of you who are Scorpios, you can be so versatile! Watercolor and black, tiny and oversized, 3D and realistic, constellation and signs. So what are the most popular placements and looks?

Sign tattoo

If you don’t want anything screaming and big, just get a small shield tattoo wherever you want – it will look stylish and not too much on your hand, arm or shoulder.

Scorpio constellation tattoo

Constellation is another original idea that easily suggests your zodiac sign. She looks cool and very original. Do it on your body, shoulder, or wherever you want.

3D and realistic scorpion tattoos

3D scorpions just look wow! They are very impressive and eye-catching, as well as realistic. You can place them anywhere you want. If you want to make a statement, boldly place it on your arm, shoulder, or collarbone. If you want to hide them sometimes, choose the placement of the back or the body. You may think such tattoos are only for men, but no – girls love them too!

Small scorpion tattoos

Tiny scorpion tattoos look great, they are often placed on feet or arms. Such a tattoo will not attract too much attention, but it will always look stylish.

Other Scorpion Tattoo Ideas

Big and small, black or colorful, contour or complete scorpion tattoos will always be beautiful, let yourself be inspired!

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