Scarf dress outfit ideas

Sometimes you don’t have to buy a dress. you can do it yourself Are you wondering how to do this? Simple and very effortless. You can make a shawl dress. Logically, you need a scarf large enough to be used on the dress. Not your cup of tea? No worries; There are other ways to look stunning in a shawl dress.

In the summer, it’s important to wear something that’s lightweight, casual, and flattering against your skin. The looser you go, the better. Shawl dresses are perfect for these occasions. You can wear it on the beach but also in the city. In this post you will learn how to style your dress as a normal everyday garment. We’ll also find out how the It girls wear this beautiful staple.
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Silky colored shawl dress

Scarf Dress Colorful Aimee
Aimee Song definitely knows how to pull off that shawl dress look. She wears this summer combination as an everyday look.
You can easily recreate your outfit. Find the dress similar to this one. It has to be silk and colorful like this beautiful DFV in the photo above. Aimee with a belt made of the same material as a dress. She opted for statement jewelry – earrings and bracelets.

Pastel shawl dress

Shawl dress pastel palette
What a beautiful way to wear your shawl dress. It’s practically wrapped around your body, but it also highlights your body figure.
The dress has beautiful pastel tones that look like a piece of art. The sleeves are bell-shaped and the dress has a V-neckline. We can say that this dress looks like a kimono. It is made from the finest silk. Make sure you are very flattering and comfortable.

Make Your Dress (Part I)

shawl dress make your own 1
Leandra Medine is behind the Man Repeller site. She has a great sense of style and is very eccentric. She’s also one of my favorite people ever!
She shows us how to make your own dress using two scarves. Choose the patterns and try it!

Make Your Dress (Part II)

shawl dress make your own 2
It’s Leandra again showing us how to turn your scarf into a dress. It is easy! You should use two scarves, tie them on your shoulders and buckle them with the tiny black belt!
You can wear both dresses with sandals, heels or just flip flops.

splash of color

Scarf dress splash of color
The dress is a combination of shawl and sleeve top. It probably wouldn’t be as interesting if it was in a shadow. This splash of color and pattern is something you have to try!
This girl really knows how to wear this combo. She opted for cork platform sandals for a super effortless and casual look. You can style it with flats or classic high heels to make an interesting mix.

On the runway

scarf dress runway
Italians are known for their passion for this type of print and silk material. Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci or Versace are some of the brands that have added shawl dresses to their collections.
This mix of patterns is for the brave girls. You should know how to style a dress like this, so try to combine it with understated details.


Scarf dress pom poms
When you see pompoms on the dresses, you can know in advance that the outfit will be fabulous. This dress is DIY. You can easily knot an exciting long and large scarf and make a dress. Make sure it has pom poms! Wrap the dress with a large slit on one side.
You can style it for everyday wear as well as for seaside vacations.

Cover it up with jeans

Shawl Dress Layers
Ever wanted to wear your dress over jeans and a white t-shirt? No? Well, with a shawl dress that is more than possible.
This fashionista decided to layer her red printed scarf dress over straight jeans and white t-shirt. She opted for purple strappy sandals and the beige clutch. This combination is perfect for elegant occasions or for late evening wear.

Printed shawl dress

Printed scarf dress
He can be one of the typical presenters of shawl dresses. It’s classy with a halter neckline. It has black edges while the print is in the center. You can style this dress with heels, a leather jacket or a long chic coat for many elegant occasions.
Don’t be afraid to style this beautiful printed dress. It just looks perfect.

Pink shawl dress

Shawl Dress Victoria Secrets
When the Victoria Secret Angel wears a dress, it has to be good. You know what that means? Yes, you have to rebuild it.
This pink printed dress looks amazing. It has a V-neckline and an asymmetric cut. It really looks like you made it yourself. Pair it with flip flop sandals, flats or cork platforms.

street style clothing

Scarf dress street style
Girls wearing high street style never cease to amaze me. They never let me down because I’m always learning something new.
This fashion blogger and editor opted for this black and white printed scarf dress. She buckled in but left the low V-neckline and large slit in the front. We can all see it looks sexy but not provocative. You can pair this beautiful dress with classic white sneakers for a mix of cool and casual look.

Make a sarong

scarf dress sarong
Sarong is a kind of dress that you want to wear in summer. It is very convenient to wear this one shoulder dress when the temperature is high.
You can wear it with your bikinis at the pool or at the beach. Lace-up shoes are a perfect choice for flat sandals and evening wear.

Two-tone shawl dress

Two-tone shawl dress
I love these two tone silk dresses. That said, this is very flattering to wear. With these pastel colors you can be sure that you are on trend and at the same time these dresses are classic. You can style it for many different events.

I hope you enjoyed these outfit ideas!

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