Scallop Shorts Women Outfits

We’ve already shared some cool scalloped clothing ideas with you, but what about shorts? You can find lots of great scalloped shorts and make your outfits more adorable, girly and fun! No matter what style your outfit is, you can try wearing these types of shorts. First choose the right color (of course, according to your wishes, occasions and colors of other clothing and accessories) and a length. Then combine your new shorts with different T-shirts or blouses, heels or flats, vests or blazers. Now you can take a look below and find more outfit ideas!

With flats and sneakers

If you want to create elegant and chic outfits, find yourself a white loose-fitting blouse and pair it with black scallop shorts, leopard flats and a large black leather bag. To create a girly outfit, choose a printed sleeveless top and pair it with light pink shorts, dark blue velvet flats and a shoulder bag in neutral colors. This type of shorts is a great vacation idea, so you can pair white high-waisted scallop shorts with a pastel-colored crop top (e.g. frilled) and slide sandals. You can also try transforming your top into an off-white loose fit shirt and monophonic shorts into a floral one.

With pumps and sandals

If you’re a big fan of monophonic clothing combinations, pair a white top, white scallop shorts, white thin strap sandals, and add a bold gold necklace and mirrored sunglasses. If you’re into retro style, try a sleeveless peplum top with a thin belt of dark color, scallop mini-shorts, various color pumps (e.g. pink, blue, or yellow), a metallic little pocket, and a round or cat’s eye to combine sunglasses. Don’t be afraid of colorful shorts, they are perfect for the coming summer!

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