Rug runners for a great home decor improvement

Are you looking for a better home decor? One of the very affordable and effective ways to do this is with a rug runner. Improve your home maintenance with carpet runs in the hallways and stairways. Installing rugs in the narrow passages at home is the perfect way to add personality to your living space.

Rug runner style is central when you start planning the idea. For the entrance you can choose warm and light colors to welcome the arriving guests. This place gives the first impression about your home in the minds of the coming guests.

When it comes to the stairs, you can use lighter colors to keep the ascent and descent process clear to see. Bright colors also make your staircase look big. In other places where you have plenty of daylight or electric lighting is sufficient, you can work with rich colors like red, green, blue, etc.

A carpet runner protects your floor covering. If you have expensive flooring, a carpet runner can keep the carpeting smooth and shiny for years to come. The same applies to an opposite situation. Oftentimes, inexpensive or slightly damaged floors are covered with carpet runners to keep the overall look of the home lovely.

Whatever the reason for choosing a carpet runner, it is highly recommended that you spread a plastic rug or rubber mat on the floor first and then use the carpeting over it. This gives the stepping feet more comfort and impresses your guests with the comfortable feeling when they enter your home. High traffic areas require extra care and you must not leave the carpet without sprinkling a rubber mat underneath. Visit Walmart for a variety of modern carpet runners. Some very calm colors and designs are also available in Birch Lane.

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