Rose Tattoo Ideas

Roses are a very popular thing to color in and are made by both men and women. Such a tattoo can be very different – colors, placements, and mixing with other objects can be completely different. It can be a tiny or full piece, watercolor or black, mixed with clocks or skulls, placed on one side or on a shoulder, and so on. The possibilities are endless. Let some ideas inspire you.

Blackwork Rose Tattoos

Blackwork roses are a very elegant idea that will always look great. The preferred placements for black roses are a side, collarbone, shoulder, and back. You can also get a cool finger or hand tattoo if you want something tiny. I love how big black roses look on your shoulders – that’s beautiful! And look at this guy with a full skull and a rose on his back – that’s a huge statement!

Colorful rose tattoos

Colorful roses are even more popular than black roses, they look amazing! They can be delicate and subtle or bold watercolors, geometric or realistic. Place them anywhere – on your arms, hands, sides, back, and shoulders. Tiny delicate multicolored roses look beautiful everywhere!

A new trend is an outline of another thing with roses inside: a cat, a leaf or a pigeon or some other object. You look so brave with red roses inside!

Matching rose tattoos

If you are a couple and love roses, do some matching rose tattoos to tie the two of you even more together. You can add a heart or some geometric pictures that you love. Girls, you can do bff rose tattoos for all of you too.

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