Roman sandals

Roman sandals

What are Roman sandals?

Definition: Roman sandals are also common gladiator sandals called. You can also get this shoe under the name Roman style sandals or Roman style ankle sandalsThe main feature of Roman sandals are many horizontal leather strips, each attached to the side of the sole.

What clothes can you combine with Roman sandals?

Roman sandals are very comfortable and make up a big part of the summer look. They are especially good for you short skirt, to the summer-dress or to capris. Also to Jeans Roman sandals cut a fine figure. What to Avoid Under no circumstances should you pair Roman sandals with pleated pants or other dressy attire. Socks are also taboo; All sandals should always be worn barefoot.

Roman sandals as sometimes worn during the Directoire.  Not.
Roman Sandals Leather Sandals Gladiator Sandals Roman Sandals |  Et
Medieval Renaissance Roman Leather Brown Caligae Sandals Armor.
Women's Knee High Flat Roman Sandals with Gold Studs - Bla

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