Ripped Jeans Men Spring Outfits

Ripped Jeans Men Spring Outfits

Ripped jeans are suitable for all seasons and any kind of casual and relaxed look. Today I want to share some ideas for guys about exactly how to wear ripped and even ruined denim this spring.

Jeans + a t-shirt or shirt

Jeans and a T-shirt are only made for each other! Rock your favorite denim – blue, black, gray, white – with a cool printed t-shirt! It can also be a plain t-shirt or even a shirt, plain or with a pattern. What looks great is ripped jeans and a contrasting shade of chambray shirt. Add in a pair of comfy sneakers, maybe a different color, or suede moccasins and voila!

Layered looks

When it’s cold, it’s better to go for a layered look. Take a t-shirt and jeans as the base of your look, then add a bomber jacket, denim or leather jacket. If it’s not that cold, a flannel shirt over it will do. A hoodie or sweatshirt can also be a nice alternative for a sporty look.

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