Red leather jacket

As we already know, the leather jacket is one of the “must-have” items in your wardrobe, along with the white t-shirt, skinny jeans, trench coat, etc. Any designer and It girl will tell you that the leather jacket is a staple that you can pair with just about any other piece.
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The red leather jacket is a statement in every outfit. It can be combined with jeans, dresses and skirts. Any outfit looks interesting and edgy and has that rock ‘n’ roll vibe when you add a red leather jacket. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about how to combine it with the things you already have.

But have you ever thought about buying a red leather jacket? If your answer is no, scroll down to see the ideas I have prepared for you that might change your mind.

Red leather jacket + white blouse

romantic blouse red leather jacket
The red and white obviously make a nice combination. As you can see, the romantic and flowy bell sleeve blouse goes perfectly with an edgy red leather jacket.
This outfit is the perfect balance between rock ‘n’ roll and romantic, rather delicate clothing.

Red leather jacket + floral dress

Flower dress red leather jacket
This outfit is a great way to spice up the floral black dress and give it a tougher look. The ankle boots with metallic details and a large bag make this outfit ready for every day. It can also be an office-friendly outfit look, so don’t hesitate to style it that way!

Striped button + red leather jacket

pink striped shirt red leather jacket
Do you know that you can mix and match pink and red colors and still look amazing? This outfit is a perfect example to see how to do it best. I suggest you pair the pink striped button down shirt and jeans with the red leather jacket.
If you want to look trendy, just add popular shoes of the season – the leather slippers.

Black and white shirt + red leather jacket

Blouse red leather jacket
If you love classic cuts and colors like black, white or red, this is a great outfit to choose for work or just shopping at the mall.
The red jacket is combined with a striped and very elegant blouse and black trousers. You can wear it with flats or heels.

Black dress + red leather jacket

black dress red leather jacket
The black printed dress looks amazing and cool when paired with a red leather jacket. To get this look, you need a tunic or dress with an interesting print, ankle or over-the-knee boots, or heels.
This is a great outfit for dancing and drinking cocktails in the nightclub.

Red skirt + red leather jacket

red skirt red leather jacket
What could be nicer than a black and red outfit? The perfect way to style it is to dress the midi skirt and A-line jacket in the same color. Try not to overdo it. Wear a black shirt under the red jacket instead of red.
Wear it with the delicate nude sandals and you’ll nail it.

Leather trousers + red leather jacket

Leather pants red leather jacket
The jacket is made of two different types of leather and that is what makes it very interesting. You can wear it with black leather pants for that double leather look.
To make this look casual, you can wear the white sneakers. If you want to upgrade it to the night look, just swap out the sneakers for super high heels.

The complete red look

complete red leather jacket look
The all red look is something you absolutely must have if you want everyone to go their own way. This is a very attractive and eye-catching look. Combine your leather jacket with the red sweater and the culottes.
You can also wear a red bag for an extra “red” feel. This time with the black strappy sandals.

Crop top + red leather jacket

Crop top red leather jacket
This is a very young outfit that is perfect for the summer parties. Pair your red leather jacket with black crop top and skinny jeans for an off-duty look.
This outfit is ideal for summer evenings or for a leisurely tour of the city and shopping.

Red satin dress + red leather jacket

red satin red leather jacket
This is a great and very elegant outfit. You can wear it when you go to a more formal event.
All you need is a silk or satin bodice dress with lace and of course a red leather jacket.
You can choose the shoes. If you prefer high heels, then go for it. If boots are more your thing, go for black or gray over-the-knee boots.

White shirt + red leather jacket

white shirt red leather jacket
Have you considered swapping your black jacket for the red one? This is a real example showing how good your outfit can look even with the red one.
The classic white button-down shirt and jeans are ideal for wearing to work but also for everyday errands.

Bell Flare Pants + Red Leather Jacket

Bell flare pants red leather jacket
Bell flare pants are the big trend of the fall season. You can wear them on different occasions and in different combinations.
Here you can see the printed t-shirt and the black bell bottoms in combination with the perfect leather jacket.

Red turtleneck sweater + red leather jacket

red turtleneck red leather jacket
This is a great and pretty chic outfit that you can easily achieve.
All you need is black leather pants and a red turtleneck. For a beautiful finish you need very popular shoes of the season – mules. The mules in black and white combination ensure a great and very trendy outfit look.

Patterned dress + red leather jacket

Put on a red leather jacket
Combine your leather jacket with the mini dress on warmer days. It looks cute and elegant. Wear it with the pointed stilettos.
This is a great look when it comes to attending more serious occasions like a business dinner or dinner, the office, or a formal event like a cocktail party.

Have you thought about buying a red leather jacket?
I hope after these outfit ideas your answer will be yes. Choose your new favorite jacket.
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