Rainy Day Men Outfits

Autumn is coming and rainy days are coming. Get ready to meet them with style and chic! Today’s recap is dedicated to the guys’ looks for bad fall weather. Let’s see what you have to rock to feel good and look great.

Rainy day looks with jeans

You will definitely feel good in jeans when it is drizzling. Add a classic white t-shirt, shirt, leotard, or turtleneck. The most important point is to choose comfortable outer clothing to protect you from the rain. We recommend trying a leather jacket, bomber jacket, cardigan, blazer, motorcycle, or pilot jacket. A raincoat is always the perfect choice for rainy weather. A fitted coat is ideal when it’s already cold. Shoes or boots in an autumn color complete the look: burgundy, ocher or cognac are perfect for autumn and help you make a statement.

Rainy day looks with pants

Pants are another convenient choice, and you can try different colors: brown, beige, black, navy, olive green, and trouser looks are great for work, even if you have a strict dress code. Rock a shirt or a printed t-shirt, add a cardigan or a leather or bomber jacket, it’s very trendy now. If necessary, add a scarf and hat. Don’t forget to bring a stylish umbrella with you. It’s not just a necessity, it’s part of your style.

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