Quarantine Beauty Routine Tips

With all of the coronavirus crisis, we mostly stay at home, a lot of us work from home, but I bet most of us aren’t. Now, if you are not that busy, it is high time to take care of yourself as you like and these tips will help you with some ideas to try. Treat yourself to love for yourself!

Daily skin care

Since you don’t have to rush out the door every morning, it allows you to take your time and develop a skin care routine that works for you. With extra time, this is an excellent opportunity to perfect your morning and evening routines. Take a pH-balanced cleanser, followed by an eye cream and products like acne or rosacea treatments and a moisturizer. Finish your skincare routine with a broad spectrum sun protection factor of 30 (or higher) for protection against premature aging and skin cancer. Wear SPF even if we stay indoors as the blue light from computers and cell phones can damage the skin. With all that extra virtual communication, it’s worth keeping this in mind.

Rejuvenate your skin

More time at home means more time to work on skin rejuvenation. A home scrub can do just that, smooth out wrinkles, treat scars and blemishes, and add that shine that we can flaunt when we get to paint the city red again.

Why not pay a little more attention to your face over time? Since we can’t get our regular facials, masking once or twice a week makes a big difference.

Maintain eyebrows

Brush up and down with a brow brush. Then, if necessary, use a magnifying mirror to pluck the strays under your eyebrow line and between your eyebrows. Do not try to shape them! Just wait until you can do them professionally. If you have long, curly, or unruly brows, use small scissors to trim the hair that is the most out of line. The good news? If you manage to overdo it or mess your forehead line, there is time to let it grow back.

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