Puffer Vests Winter Outfits

A puffer vest is a cool and comfortable piece of clothing for the colder months of the year. When winter comes, it’s high time to get them out of your wardrobe and style for this winter and the holidays. How can you look stylish in a puffer vest this winter? Here are a few ideas.

This year, look out for not only basic color vests – navy, black, beige, white, red, but also plaid vests for a festive look or lighter versions – pink, yellow, red, blue, green and so on.

Combine your puffer vest with leggings or jeans, add a turtleneck or sweater, put on heeled boots, usual fur boots or ugg boots. Add a hat and gloves or mittens to keep you warm and comfortable. If you prefer heels, go for knee or thigh boots and skinnies to make your look more elegant and sexy. If you find yourself in a snowy place, put on the entire outfit and you will be comfortable. Enjoy!

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