Printed Wide Leg Pants Outfit Ideas

We already told you about monophonic wide leg pants, so it is time to share with you some ideas for printed wide leg pants. Don’t forget that spring is almost here so you need to prepare for a new wonderful season. I think you know (even if you don’t have these type of pants) that wide leg pants are very comfortable and universal. You can create any outfit you want: from elegant and chic to sporty or cozy. All you need is to choose a right print for you (and there is a really wide range to choose from) and pair these pants with other trendy and fantastic clothes. Now let’s look at the ideas gathered below and read fashion tips.

Geometrically printed ideas for wide-leg pants

First, let me turn your attention to a geometric print. I am sure you will love this print. So how about buying cool pants with it? You can choose plaid (or plaid) pants and pair them with a black shirt, long jacket or mini coat and simple black bag. If your pants are high-waisted, pair them with a classic white shirt and monophonic knit sweater tucked into the pants and add a clutch. If you want to create a cozy look, you need to know that these types of pants go well with loose sweaters or denim jackets and wide-brimmed hats.

Other printed wide leg pants ideas

Another interesting and popular print is flowers. So, if you want to add something soft and romantic to your look, choose floral wide leg prints. For a more modern look, combine them with a simple shirt or blouse, black leather jacket (or Crop One is also perfect), hat and high-heeled boots. You can also change your jacket to a black or medium black coat with leather sleeves. Of course, the number of print versions can be endless, so you can include polka dots, savory, animal, etc. Let yourself be inspired!

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