Plus Size Outfits With Culottes

Culottes are the most popular type of pants right now, and they are suitable for any occasion from work to parties. If you are a fashion conscious girl with curves who wants to be on trend, it’s high time you grabbed some culottes and style them! How does it work? Here are some examples.


Culottes are perfect to wear to work: just add a top or shirt of your choice, heels and a bag and you’re good to go! Heels are a must, otherwise culottes will make you look shorter than you are, and as for colors and prints – no restrictions other than your office dress code! If you’re in a creative job, why not rock rock-print culottes to make a statement?

Casual / party looks

Culottes are very comfortable to wear in everyday life, so you can easily style them casually. A top, heels or sandals, a jacket – if necessary jeans or leather and a bag – and you’re ready to go! You can even wear them to parties with catchy tops and bralettes, as well as heels to impress.

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