Plus Size Culottes Work Outfits

Why do I see culottes? Culottes are one of the hottest trends right now and are rocked by every celebrity and fashionista – I can’t think of a trendier piece. Wearing them to work will instantly take your outfit to a higher level, which means it’s high time to rock them.

Which culottes to choose from? Any! All colors and lengths are welcome! Culottes are extremely comfortable to wear and you look great anyway. Neutral and basics or prints and light shades are welcome for the summer. It depends on what you’re going to pair them with.

Which tops do you prefer? Button downs, neutral t-shirts if allowed, tops of various types and blouses. Add slingbacks, shoes, sandals or sneakers if you can. When it’s cold, go for a blazer, jacket or cardigan, or just choose a long button or even a shirt dress to create a layer.

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