Plunging Neckline Swimsuits

Deep necklines are now trendy, everyone is rocking them everywhere, from parties and weddings to dates and bachelorette parties. Beach shouldn’t be an exception, especially if you want to follow trends and look sexy. Here are some amazing plunging neckline swimsuit ideas. Let yourself be inspired.

Bathing suits with a deep neckline

When you’re ready to show off your neckline, choose any swimsuit in any color or print. A classic idea is a white or black swimsuit with a plunging neckline and no further details. It’s a timeless option. If you want to feel more girlish, choose a peplum or a floral model. If you want to make a statement, try a strapless plunging neckline swimsuit.

Covered bathing suits with plunging neckline

If you want a plunging neckline, but still want to be a little more modest, choose a covered plunging neckline – this will help you avoid a wardrobe malfunction. Another idea is a laced, deep neckline that looks wow and yet is very comfortable to wear. You can also use just a horizontal strap or two thin straps to keep the neckline in order. Enjoy!

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