Pantones Manicure Ideas

Pantone announced that ultraviolet was the color of 2018 and is rocking it for those who love bold colors. You can add such a bold shade to your look with nails, and today I am sharing some of the coolest ideas for ultraviolet manicure and nails in shades of that color. Let’s take a look at what you need to rock to be on trend.

Purple nail art ideas

Purple is a very bold color and you can find a lot of ideas for nail art because such a color is not for an office, but for parties, special occasions, and just for leisure. If you love French manicure, why not try a purple reverse French mani with purple accent nails. Ombre purple nails are another chic idea, plus ombre is all the rage right now. Marble and geometry are hot accents, and you can rock a matte purple manicure with accents like these. Go for bold pearl, sequin, and rhinestone accent nails with purple nails – you get a wow factor!

Accented purple nails

You can rock matte or glossy ultraviolet Nails for a trendy and edgy look – such a bold color is enough to make a statement without additional details. If you still want some, you can go for accent nails like rhinestones, holograms, glitter, or others – choose what you like and rock it!

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