Faux Hawk Haircuts For Men

What is a faux hawk haircut? The Faux Hawk is a toned down version of the easily recognizable Mohawk, where both sides of the head are cleanly shaved and only a long strip of hair remains in the middle. The faux hawk has the same signature streak of longer hair, but allows you to leave some hair on the sides, which isn’t as long as the traditional cut. The best thing about faux hawk hairstyles is that you can incorporate a dissolve or undercut, which is a trendy idea. Do you need some examples? Here you are!

Shorter fohawks

Textured, spiky, faded, tapered faux hawks are trendy and edgy ideas that lend themselves to bold, modern looks. These short haircuts require minimal styling and look hot and edgy. You can spice them up with colors and textures.

Longer fohawks

A longer fohawk can be offset, wavy, layered, and just with a lot of volume. Such haircuts require enough styling, you can add color and create texture – they look very hipster and very cool.

Easy Diy Smokey Eye

Summer is here and your makeup routine can get harder because it’s hot and the makeup is melting. In summer, you shouldn’t wear too much makeup or too heavy and creamy textures, otherwise they won’t be on your face. Prefer light and soft, but not creamy textures, minimal make-up and sufficient moisture and sun protection factor. Primers will help keep your makeup on your face. So watch out for them.
Today we want to share a cool smoky summer eye that is pretty easy, quick, and non-melting. Prepare a shimmery apricot / orange shade, a metallic bronze shade (or you can also use some bronze powder that’s probably buried in your makeup bag), a dark brown eyeliner pencil, an eyelash curler, and black mascara. First, use the apricot shade as a base. Brush it onto your eyelids and then onto your forehead bone. Then layer the bronze shadow in the center of the lids along the crease. Use the eyeliner pencil at the top and bottom of your lash line. Then smear the liner a little with a dark brown shadow to make it a little messy. Curl your lashes and apply a few coats of mascara. That’s it! A simple smoky summer eye!

Pastel Colored Crop Shirts Outfits

We will continue to show you cool and stylish outfit ideas with pastel colored clothes. And today we’re looking at some looks with crop tops, shirts, and blouses for a summer. First you need to pick up one type of shirt from shoulder to wrap, long sleeved to sleeveless, buttoned up to a shoulder, etc. Second, you should choose other clothing items that look great with crop tops. and you can bring distressed jeans, classic trousers, skater skirts or shorts with a belt. Now you can scroll down and see all the pictures.

Outfits with jeans and pants

For those who want to create a casual look with jeans, I offer to combine them with cuffs and combine them with a black belt, a light pink crop shirt, a light purple leather bag and beige high heels. Or you can choose desperate skinny jeans and combine them with a light pink one-shoulder top, a brightly colored clutch, sunglasses and pastel-colored pumps. If you want to create a sporty look, you can take white sweatpants and pair them with a crop t-shirt and white sneakers. For a more romantic outfit, you can try repeating a combo with a light pink frilled one-shoulder top, a silver clutch, and white high-waisted skinny pants. Or go for a purple crop top and pair it with a purple loose fit blazer, chain strap bag and black high-waisted pants.

Outfits with skirts

Do you like to wear maxi skirts? Then find a floral print and pair it with a light blue sleeveless crop top, a beige wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses and metal shoes. Or you can take a light pink top and combine it with a light pink maxi skirt with a button placket, a straw hat, a shopping bag and black flat lace-up sandals.

Sleeveless Wrap Dresses

You should have at least one sleeveless dress for a summer, so today we have prepared amazing and stylish look ideas with sleeveless wrap dresses for you. As usual, you need to choose a length for your new item from mini to maxi. Second, think of a color or combination of colors for your dress. For those who want to create an eye-catching look, I offer to choose a printed dress from romantic flowers to fun polka dots etc. Now you can scroll down to find a perfect summer dress.

Outfits with mini and knee-length dresses

If you want to create a relaxed yet romantic outfit, you can find a purple sleeveless belted knee length wrap dress and pair it with a straw sack and brown leather mules. Or you can choose a white and green printed mini dress and combine it with a straw box bag and white sandals. For a more elegant look, you can combine a sleeveless, knee-length wrap dress with buttons in white and black with buttons and pair it with a white leather bag and black high heels.

Outfits with midi and maxi dresses

If you’re a big fan of a minimalist style, pair a white belted sleeveless wrap midi dress with a black chain pocket, black leather mules, and oversized sunglasses. Or you can choose a red and white striped wrap midi dress and combine it with a beige leather bag and beige high heels with ankle straps. For a fantastic outfit, find an olive green wrap maxi dress with pockets that you can combine with a Marsala clutch and fringed high heels. For a beach look, you can combine a sleeveless maxi dress with a floral print in white and yellow with a floral print in combination with a straw sack, mirrored sunglasses and white sandals.

Subtle Balayage Hair Ideas

Balayage is known as the coolest technique for adding dimension, texture, and interest to your hair. More and more girls are choosing it today, not only because of these benefits, but also because it is easy to wait for. If you don’t want radical changes in your look but still want to add a dimensional or textural touch to your hair, go for a subtle balayage. It’s even easier to maintain than usual and looks cool. Do you need ideas? Here you are!

Dark hair

If you have dark hair or a dark base, you should find a suitable lighter shade for your color. It shouldn’t be too bright – no high contrast is needed, just a little. Brunette hair can be highlighted with bronde, black hair can be highlighted with plum tones, and so on. This is a great idea to add dimension to your dark hair, and it’s great to go for choppy and shaggy haircuts too – use both options for super cool hair!

Other hair colors

If you have blonde or maybe red hair, find a suitable lighter shade. In such cases, it can be blonde or really light – it’s up to you and the look you want to create. A cool idea is to go for a face framing balayage that not only adds dimension but also highlights the face.

Knit Suits Winter Outfits

A knit suit is a big trend this fall and winter, and I don’t just mean homewear, I mean going out too. There are fancy pantsuits and suits with skirts made of wool, cashmere and other knitwear that will make you feel super comfortable and cozy. Here are some looks that could inspire you.

Knit knit suits

Wear a comfortable knitted pantsuit – with pants, with pants that you like. It should be solid color with the knitting pattern you like. You can pair it with sneakers or sneakers and add not only a leather jacket but also a coat that will make your look less sporty.

Knitted suits with skirts

Knitted suits with skirts are my real love, I can’t think of anything more comfortable and chic for winter! Choose a suit with a midi skirt, add ankle boots or sneakers and a coat and you look amazing! Be trendy and brave!

How To Wear Cashmere

Cashmere is the coolest fabric that you can wear in the cold season: it is natural, warm, cozy and you don’t want to take off any more cashmere pieces after wearing – so cozy that you will feel! Since it’s pretty cold now, it’s high time to rock some cashmere pieces, so I’ve prepared some ideas for rocking cashmere in style.

Cashmere sweater

A cashmere sweater is a timeless classic. If you buy it in a basic color like white, gray, black or camel, it is a wonderful solution. You can wear it for a long time and always look flawless. You can combine it with jeans – add ankle boots and a coat, and a stylish winter look is ready. Another idea is to pull on an oversized cashmere sweater over a slip dress, or simply wear it with a midi skirt and sneakers for an effortlessly chic look. A cashmere sweater with pants plus heels or boots is a great idea for an office look if your dress code isn’t that strict.

Cashmere cardigans

Cardigans are one of the current trends and can be worn with anything from trousers and leather leggings to romantic dresses and skirts. Put on a slip dress and ankle boots, and wear a comfy cashmere cardigan for a chic, girlish look. Create a comfy look with pants, a top, and a cashmere cardigan, add sneakers or ankle boots, and you’re good to go. Enjoy!

Floral Boots Fall Outfits

Do you love a floral print? Are you trying to find clothes, accessories and shoes with it and create romantic and stylish outfits? If your answer is yes, then you should definitely keep reading this article. Today we are ready to share with you beautiful look ideas with floral print boots from the ankle to high. As always, you can combine them with skirts, dresses or pants and you will always look fabulous! All you have to do is choose a type of boot, your favorite flower image and a combination of colors. So don’t waste your time and scroll down to see all the wonderful ideas.

Outfits with jeans and pants

To make floral ankle boots stand out, you can choose short skinny jeans and combine them with a white top, beige cardigan and a printed bag with chain straps. Or you can take a black, loose sweater and combine it with floral low-heeled boots, dark gray cropped jeans and a black shopping bag. Don’t forget about the culottes, they look perfect for fall days. Just take jeans and pair them with a yellow sweater, a printed long blazer, floral sock boots and a black little bag. If you love flashy outfits, you can try repeating a combination with a pale pink t-shirt, pink ruffle jacket, sunglasses, clutch, skinny jeans and floral ankle boots.

Outfits with dresses and skirts

For an everyday look, pair a red loose sweater with a black high-waisted mini skirt, rounded sunglasses, and floral low-heeled boots. For those who want to create an event look, I offer to combine a floral asymmetrical midi dress with floral sock boots, sunglasses and a colorful, geometrically printed clutch. Or take a mini dress with bell sleeves and pair it with a yellow bag with chain straps and floral over-the-knee boots.

Oversized Sweaters Winter Outfits

Oversized sweaters have come into our lives as the most comfortable clothing ever that is warm and comfortable, and while you might say they hide your beautiful body, it doesn’t matter. An oversized sweater is always great and super chic, no matter what you wear it with. Let’s take a look at how to style such a sweater for the coming winter so you are ready for the cold days.

An oversized sweater with a skirt

Wearing such a sweater with a skirt is one of the current trends, and it is not surprising that such a look will make you feel warm and cozy, while also looking rather girlish. Pick a cool pencil leather skirt, add a casual sweater and some shoes or ankle boots, and look like a queen. Another idea is to wear an oversized sweater over a midi skirt without tucking it into the skirt. This way you feel warmer and more comfortable and still very feminine.

An oversized sweater with pants

Wearing a sweater with jeans is a divine combination that never goes out of style. To make it more interesting, choose a chunky-knit sweater, a pair of bold ankle boots or shoes, or maybe ripped denim. Some other ideas could include tartans, chic pants, and leather leggings, all of which look amazing with an oversized sweater.

Hair Highlight Tips And Ideas

Hair highlights can do wonders to bring out the most attractive hues of your hair and complement your eyes and complexion when done right. Adding highlights to your stands creates hair texture and adds dimension to your look.


For highlights that look great as they grow out, use a darker hair color at your roots that blends into a lighter shade at the ends of your hair. Good highlights last three months. Highlighting your hair too much is always a bad idea – less is more!

If you don’t have the time or money for highlights, ask for a color-refreshing conditioner. It only takes five minutes and is a fraction of the cost of highlighting. This is a great way to look great on the go without breaking the bank.

When adding highlights to your hair for a big event such as a B. Your wedding hairstyle, have the highlights finished at least 2 weeks in advance so that your hair and the color of the highlights can calm down.


Brunettes don’t need highlights. Have your colorist paint lighter parts in your hair before rinsing out your color. This creates depth and dimension that enhance the natural tone of your hair. To give your hair a lighter look, choose highlights in shades of blonde or gold. For a dark, deeper effect, try lowlights in plum, maroon, or chestnut. For blondes, using lowlights makes them look darker without drastically changing all of their hair.

Highlights can be used to cover up or break up the look of gray hair and are especially effective on blonde hair colors.

For natural, sun-kissed highlights, use natural hair colors in thin strands around your face or sparingly through bangs.