Bike Shorts Outfits

Bike shorts are the hottest trend this spring and summer, and this is the most controversial trend – a lot of girls don’t like it because cycling shorts make your legs look bigger. Despite this, the most daring fashionistas and celebrities are already wearing them. If you want some ideas to inspire you, let’s see how you can try out bike shorts.

Bike shorts are a sportswear, so it goes without saying that they should be worn with some sporting items. Sweatshirts, hoodies, sneakers and trainers as well as T-shirts look completely natural with your bike shorts of any color. This is a very comfy outfit idea with a trend. Add a bag or backpack and off you go!

This season, cycling shorts are worn with various casual and even work-appropriate items – t-shirts, button-downs, blazers, denim jackets plus heels, better slingbacks, which is another cool trend. Rock your bike shorts with sock boots to visually lengthen your legs and be brave!

Henna Wrist Tattoos

Henna tattoos are very popular in the summer: this is a great way to rock one or more cool tattoos and highlight the sexy parts of the body. This is a cool way to wear a tattoo that you’ve always wanted but dared not. A henna tattoo will go away in 2-3 weeks depending on your skin type, the amount of sun and sea water, and a few other factors.

The most popular placements for henna tattoos are hands, fingers, wrists and arms, as these tattoos mostly have a traditional design that is applied to the hands and feet of brides in some Asian countries. Today I want to share some of the coolest wrist tattoo ideas – some of them are inspired by traditional designs, others are more modern.

Traditionally inspired henna designs

Traditional bridal henna look stunning! I honestly can’t think of a more girly tattoo. These delicate lace patterns with flowers, hearts and swirls look amazing and will make your lovely hands stand out. Such tattoos usually cover the hands, going down to the fingers and down to the wrists and maybe the arms – it’s all up to you here. The designs on both hands can be different for a more noticeable effect. Also, try half or even whole mandalas on your wrists. This is pure philosophy and harmony.

Other designs

If you like modern tattoos, go for a minimal armband tattoo. If you prefer boho style, try dream catchers with feathers and other boho stuff. If you love Asian cultures, why not try the yin and yang signs that symbolize harmony. Ink what you love!

Suede Mules Outfits

We’ve already told you about various mules, but what about such popular suede? Of course, we should share wonderful outfit ideas with you that you can repeat for August and autumn days. First of all, you need to choose a type of mule, e.g. B. Flat, Heeled, Kitten Heels, etc. Second. Think of colors and prints, e.g. B. You can add monophonic (beige, brown, black or olive) mules to bold printed clothes and accessories and two colored ones for classic outfits. Now let’s scroll down to see all of the ideas we’ve gathered just for you.

Outfits with jeans, pants and culottes

A pineapple print T-shirt, an olive bomber jacket, high-waisted denim culottes, a brown leather bag, and brown suede mules are all you need to create a relaxed look. Or combine a sleeveless top with white fringes with a pink wide-brimmed hat, a small shoulder bag, skinny jeans and mules. If you want to go for a more official outfit, try repeating a combo with a white loose button down shirt, navy oversized blazer, black clutch, black slim pants, and black high heeled mules. Or combine a gray shirt with dark blue wide-leg trousers, sunglasses, a jacket, a dark blue leather bag and light blue suede mules.

Outfits with dresses and skirts

Don’t be afraid of colorful outfits, so you can combine a printed knee-length dress with a brown belt, necklace, orange, white and gray bag, and orange and red mules. Do you want something classic and neutral? Then mix a white ruffled shoulder blouse with an olive pleated skirt, oversized sunglasses, a printed bag, and brown suede mules.

Pastel Colored Crop Pants Outfits

Are you looking for feminine and graceful outfit ideas? Then we have some brilliant ones. Today we want to focus on pastel-colored, cropped pants that perfectly complement the spring look. So first of all, you need to choose your favorite color for your new garment, from pale pink to mint green. Then you should think about a type of pants, from loose to thin, from high waisted to pleated or flared, etc. Now let’s look at all the ideas we have gathered for you. Get inspired!

Outfits with shirts and blouses

For colder spring days, you can combine a white sweater with peach-colored, skinny pants, a white clutch, a gold necklace and beige platform shoes with ankle straps. Or you can choose a white and blue striped sweater and combine it with a light pink shopping bag, light yellow loose trousers and light pink ankle strap high heels. For a more official look, pair a white loose button shirt with sunglasses, light pink shorts and black ankle boots. Are you looking for summer outfit ideas? Then take a plaid blouse and mix it up with a brown shoulder bag, beige crop pants, and brown leather mules. Or you can try repeating a combination with a pink sleeveless top, light pink chain strap bag, light blue crop pants, rounded sunglasses, and ornate shoes.

Outfits with jackets and vests

For those who like to wear suits, I offer to choose a light pink suit with a blazer and cropped pants and pair it with black low-heeled shoes and a white top. For an everyday look, you can combine a denim button-down shirt with a denim jacket, mint green skinny pants, a Marsala leather clutch and beige pumps.

Summer Nails Ideas

Summer is coming and it’s time to check out the trendiest and coolest manicure to rock and prepare for the hot season. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest ways to style your nails this summer.

Summer nails

What colors are best for summer manicures? First and foremost something refreshing – white, mint, cream, light blue, they look cool with tanned skin and refresh the whole look. Second, all neutral colors are welcome, but prefer shades such as light pink, cream, ivory, blush, etc., not sandy or beige – it’s not fall! Such a manicure is also suitable for work. Matte white nails are a chic and trendy idea: matte nails are one of the hottest trends right now.

Summer Nails Arts

Try tropical leaves, flowers, and cacti that are really summery. Flamingos and different types of fruits on your nails are also welcome. They give your look a whimsical touch. Negative spaces and marble nail art are some of the hottest trends, so dare to rock some this summer! Also, you can opt for not all of the manicure, just some accents that use these trends. Get inspired and be brave this summer!

Mismatched Swimsuits

Mismatched bikinis and bathing suits have already become classics. They allow you to create your own bathing suits and different bold combinations for the beach. Here are some ideas that go with the pieces to look really wow and cool.

A simple part + a printed part

The most popular idea is to combine a striped and a plain piece for a chic and creative look without being tasteless. It can be a striped, floral, or botanical printed top or bottom and a plain top or bottom, and the colors shouldn’t always match. You can rock contrasting colors for a bolder look. A trendy idea is a halter-printed top and a simple, high-waisted lower part that looks very modern and chic. Make different looks that you like to combine by combining different bikini pieces yourself.

A printed part + A printed part

Matching prints are also fine if you want a bold and bright look. Flowers go well with stripes, this is the most popular combination to combine and again, the colors should not always be the same. You can also try various other prints and create a gorgeous look.

Linen Jumpsuits Rompers Outfits

Today we want to keep sharing cool and so cozy outfits with linen dresses with you. We’ve already told you about linen dresses, pants, skirts, shirts and even blazers. This time, let’s focus on linen overalls and rompers. You can not only create casual and relaxed looks with them, but also elegant or flirty ones. Now I offer you to scroll down and find a perfect item for hot summer days. Get inspired!

Outfits with overalls

Of course, if you want to do a casual outfit, we have some great ideas. First of all, you can take a loose jumpsuit made of white linen and pair it with a beige wide-brimmed hat, oversized sunglasses, a bag in brown and beige, and white and green sneakers. Second, you can choose a sleeveless beige jumpsuit with a button placket and pair it with a black shopping bag and beige sandals. And thirdly, you can try repeating a combination with a light brown wide-leg jumpsuit made of linen, a white rounded bag and beige high heels with ankle straps. To create an elegant look, you can take a jumpsuit wrapped in gray linen and pair it with a white long blazer, brown leather bag, mirrored sunglasses and brown sandals. Or look for a beige culottes overall and combine it with a white leather bag and beige high heels with ankle straps.

Outfits with rompers

For those who want a laid-back look, I offer to repeat an outfit with a white beltless linen V-neck romper, an off-the-shoulder blue top, sunglasses, a brown leather bag, and white lace-up flat shoes. Or you can choose a mint green linen romper suit with buttons and combine it with a white sleeveless top, a brown shopping bag and beige heeled sandals.

Crochet Vests Outfits

I am sure you are looking for interesting and stylish ideas for the coming spring and summer. That is why we have prepared them for you today. How about crochet vests? No doubt these clothes look feminine, airy and so cozy. If you don’t already have one of these items, you should find a perfect one ASAP. First of all, you need to choose a length for your new vest, from a shortened one to a maximum one. Second, think of a color, for example, you can buy a classic white vest or try to find a black, dark blue, beige or gray one. At the moment you can scroll down to see all the ideas.

Outfits with jeans and leggings

For colder spring days, you can combine a Marsala blouse with a white crochet vest with fringes, black leggings, sunglasses and black leather boots. Or you can choose a dark blue three-quarter sleeve shirt and combine it with a maxi vest, a necklace, straight jeans with cuffs and brown platform shoes. Do you love a minimalist style? Then try repeating a look with a beige top, classic jeans, and a beige knee length vest.

Outfits with skirts and dresses

Do you want to create a casual outfit? Then you can combine a light blue button-down shirt with a polka dot mini skirt, a white crochet vest and brown leather shoes. Or try pairing a gray straight midi dress with short sleeves, a maxi vest, a necklace and beige suede ankle boots. If you want to create a boho chic look, pair a beige mini dress with a black waistcoat, white knee length waistcoat, black headband and flat ankle boots. Or, watch out for loose floral dresses and mix them with maxi vests.

Leopard Sweater Fall Outfits

A leopard print is one of the most popular prints among fashionistas around the world, but of course one of the most eye-catching. So, you should be careful about making new outfits with such printed clothes. Today I offer you to pay attention to sweaters with a leopard print, which are suitable for all styled outfits from sporty to casual, from event to relaxed. Now you can scroll down because we have prepared some interesting ideas for you. Get inspired!

Outfits with jeans and pants

I’m sure you know that items printed with leopards go perfectly with colored clothes, shoes and accessories. You can combine a loose leopard sweater with black drainpipe trousers, a black leather bag, oversized sunglasses and beige leather pumps. Or, you can try repeating a combination with a white shirt, oversized leopard sweater, black crop pants, small bag, and black flat shoes. If you are looking for ideas for colder days, combine a sweater like this with a pale pink mini coat, worn-out jeans, sunglasses, a beige leather bag with chain straps and high heels.

Outfits with skirts

If you’re ready for bold combinations, pair a leopard sweater with a red A-line midi skirt, sleek black mini clutch, and black embellished high heels. Or you can choose a black skater mini skirt and combine it with a leopard sweater, a black hat, a white or gray fringed bag and black leather boots. Another idea is to combine a sweater with a black leather mini skirt, white ankle boots, rounded sunglasses and a light pink hip bag. For a more official outfit (but if you don’t have a strict dress code, of course), you can pair a light blue button-down shirt with a leopard sweater, purple pencil skirt, black pumps, and a brown leather bag.

Tulip Skirt Ideas

If you love to wear skirts and want to find another skirt that is creative and feminine at the same time, we have a brilliant idea for you! Have you heard of tulip skirts? I am sure you heard it. I think a tulip skirt is a must for every fashionista, so you should find a perfect tulip skirt for yourself. Now let’s find out what a tulip skirt is and how to style it.

First of all, you need to know that this type of skirt has a curved waist, a tapered hem, and extra fabric around the hips. And, of course, tulip skirts look great on girls with curves, pear shapes and hourglass figures. If you are a happy owner of this type of body shape, buy or sew tulip skirts.

Depending on the occasion, you can create different combinations of clothes. If you want to create a casual look, choose simple solid colored tops or airy sleeveless blouses and combine them with mini or midi tulip skirts. Don’t be afraid of printed tops (e.g. with stripes or polka dots) and funny slogan shirts. When you think of shoes, pick up heels as these will perfectly elongate your legs. If you want to create more trendy outfits, you can always pair tulip skirts with sneakers and flat sandals.

For office-style looks, choose classic button-down shirts, scoop neck tops or V-necks with three-quarter, long or short sleeves. It won’t look unbalanced if shirts or tops have decorative details such as ruffles, pleats, etc. Add classic pumps or flats to these looks and don’t forget the accessories: there are lots of cool belts, statement necklaces, bracelets and clutches!

You can find more ideas for tulip skirts below. If you don’t already have this garment, you will surely want to receive it asap after reading this article. Get inspired!