Oversized Pants Outfits

Oversized pants are a hot trend this fall and everyone is trying on them. They can also be legs apart or you can choose oversized culottes, but be sure to try them out! They will blow you away with an unusual look and an amazing sense of comfort.

There are oversized, high-waisted and low-waisted pants. The latter are even more trending right now as the low waist is making a comeback (we don’t know how long, but still). You can try bringing oversized culottes to work, and since this is usually a bold statement, go for a simple top.

What should you combine them with? With anything! Remember, these pants are making a statement, especially if they are a bold color. Therefore, your top should be simple – plain, or at least not too standout. A shirt, long-sleeved top, sweater or just an oversized blazer or denim jacket and voila!

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