Oversized Denim Jacket Fall Looks

Oversized denim jackets are one of the hottest trends this year and are all the rage. In autumn, it’s high time to take your oversized denim jacket out of the closet and decide how to style it for the coming season. Here are some trendy ideas!

Looks with skirts

Create a trendy look with a pencil or pleated skirt, a top or t-shirt, an oversized denim jacket, and sneakers or heels. Another cool idea is to wear a suede or leather skirt for a fall vibe and heels for a more romantic look.

Looks with pants / jeans

Grab your favorite jeans – mom jeans, skinnies, baggy or other jeans and put on a t-shirt, blouse or other top you like. Add an oversized denim jacket and trainers, plus some accessories and a large bag to carry it all. Voila!

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