Orange Dress Outfits

If you’re looking for cool ideas for the rest of the season, keep reading this article. Today I want to tell you about different orange dresses that you can pick up depending on your body shape, occasion and desire. It’s no secret that orange is a very noticeable color. Sometimes you don’t need other bright clothes, accessories, and shoes. Just add neutral colors like black, white, gray, navy blue and brown, etc. Now you can carefully look at the images collected, choose a perfect type of clothes for you and start combining them with other details. Enjoy!

Mini, midi and maxi dresses

First of all, you need to choose an orange shade. These are light and dark, tangerine or carrot shades and many others. Another fantastic shade of orange is a burnt one. You can combine a burnt orange airy midi dress with gray flat sandals and get a stunning minimalist look! For summer days, choose a cut out mini dress and pair it with peach (or light pink) sandals and a neutral leather bag. Or take a loose mini dress and mix it up with a mint green shoulder bag and camel lace-up sandals.

Jackets and blazers

To make your outfits more official, you can add blazers or jackets. Of course, if you have a really strict dress code for the office, then you have to go without bright colors. However, if you have a creative job, try pairing your straight dress with a navy or black blazer, black pumps, and a bag. For casual looks, don’t forget about accessories like a printed scarf, belt and chain necklace. To create unique outfits, experiment with brightly colored (golden, green, purple) or printed (black and white striped, polka dot, leopard) cardigans and jackets.

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