Olive dress outfit ideas

Olive green is one of the most timeless colors. It is known as a military color. Soldiers used it as camouflage when in the forest. After many years, the olive green dress found its way to high fashion.
Across street style, bloggers, editors, and influencers seem to be obsessed with the olive color. It adds a nice touch to any outfit and above all it is very versatile.
The olive green dress is a statement piece of clothing that you must have in your closet. From classic and polished to modern new cuts, there are a variety of styles to choose from.
In this post, you will learn how to combine an olive green dress with other staples. Whether it’s draping your coat or slipping on over-the-knee boots, all of your outfits will appeal to you.

Olive green leather dress

olive dress leather
It’s a very interesting outfit combination. The olive green dress is made of leather and pairs perfectly with a pair of black thigh high boots. White shearling jacket with red fur details is an amazing staple. The whole combination looks very cool and chic. This outfit is ideal for your working hours.

Knitting an olive green dress

knitted olive green dress
Knitwear combined with suede look perfect. It’s a casual and effortless outfit combo that you’ll love. You will feel very comfortable and stylish at the same time! Wear your olive green knit dress with a beige suede vest and thigh high boots made of the same material.
It’s a great outfit for an everyday walk around town.

Layers in white and olive green

olive drab layers of clothing
If your dress has thin straps and a high neckline and you’re not very familiar with those, consider layering it with a white button-down. This whole look is quite romantic and ruffled. It looks a bit vintage but is also very stylish. If you really want to look unique, style your maxi dress with sneakers.

Button down as a dress

olive green dress with floral button
An olive green floral dress, or if you want to call it the button down dress is an amazing staple. You can style it as usual or wear it with black pants like in the photo above. This combination is perfect for everyday occasions. However, with some ice gold jewelry and heels, you can easily transform this combo into a nighttime outfit.

Noble and refined olive green dress

olive green dress classy
A-line, midi length and half sleeves – these are the words that describe this olive green dress. It is classy, ​​very polished and has a glamor status. However, you can style it with these brown peep toe sandals for a more casual look and everyday wear. As you can see, it’s all about pairing details.

Olive green dress with puff sleeves

olive green puff sleeves
Modern design and cut of this dress makes it so unique and beautiful. With these puff sleeves, you don’t need jewelry to make this outfit more interesting. The dress absolutely makes a statement. You can combine it with black heels and a small black bag.

Safari inspired olive green dress

olive dress leather waistband
If you need a casual, comfortable and very stylish outfit combination, wear this dress. Be sure to wear a brown leather waistband to make it even more stylish than it already is.
You can style it with chic espadrilles or for a more elegant look with white pointed toe shoes. Natasha Goldenberg knows how to wear an olive green dress!

Olive green dress with buttons

Olive Dress Button Down
Simplicity is always best. If you’re going for something casual and classy, ​​go for this dress. It is button-down, has a small length and a thin belt. All these things make it a perfect choice for everyday wear. You can choose between heels or flats. Whatever you choose you will look perfect, don’t worry.

Wool knitted dress in olive green

olive green wool knit dress
This olive green shade is also known as khaki. Fashion girls love it for its versatility. This dress is midi length so it’s totally safe to pair with thigh high brown leather boots. You will love this combo for its convenience and stylish looks. Think of this as your new workwear.

Olive green dress and military jacket

olive green dress military jacket
What goes better with an olive green dress than the military printed jacket? This outfit is fascinating and unique. Although the top is not very complicated, this fashionista decided to combine it with trendy fishnet tights and white slippers. This whole outfit idea is gorgeous and stylish.

Trench coat as a dress

olive green trench coat
Have you ever tried to style your trench coat to look like a dress? Me neither, but now I’m definitely craving it! It looks amazing. The olive green dress is practically a long trench coat with oversized side pockets. You can style this outfit for a night out, dinner or nightclub.

Olive green velvet dress

olive dress velvet
V-neckline and big slit make this dress sexy and very attractive. It is made of velvet and as you know, it is one of the most flattering and sophisticated materials. However, it is possible to style this dress for every day. You can wear it with vinyl ankle boots and a large tote bag.

Olive green dress with striped button down shirt

olive green dress cold shoulders
Layering is very modern and always offers you beautiful and unique outfit combinations. This one is very casual but also so chic. Take a cold shoulder cut with your blue striped button-down and wear it with an olive green V-neck midi length dress.

Military olive green dress

olive dress military
A straight cut and large side pockets are hallmarks of this dress. It’s a great summer outfit to wear with platform sandals or espadrilles. The dress itself is chic and polished at the same time. Drape a leather jacket over your shoulders for an edgy vibe.

Blazer as a dress

olive green blazer
Fashion icon Christine Centenera really knows how to incorporate olive green dress into everyday outfits. This one looks perfect and is beyond glamorous! She wears a long button-down blazer as a dress. This belted dress with gold buckle is sophisticated, polished and very elegant.
You can wear it with classic black stilettos.

I hope you enjoyed these outfit ideas I have prepared for you!

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