New Year Men Outfits

We’re all getting ready for the winter holidays, we’ve already shared a lot of chic outfits for girls and not a single party outfit for men. Today’s recap is dedicated to boys’ New Year outfits, whether you’re going to a formal or informal party – you will find something here!

Casual outfits

If you are celebrating New Year with your love or if you want to have a very informal and relaxed party, you don’t need a suit and tie. Wear jeans – ripped or the usual -, a sweater, plaid shirt, t-shirt and add color to your look with bold boots. You can also add texture using a scarf, hat, coat, or something similar.

More formal outfits

If you are going to a formal party, wear a suit, or at least pants and a blazer. Add a shirt or t-shirt of your choice and some stylish leather shoes. You can also wear a vest for extra warmth or wear a sweater over shirt and pants. Watch out for velvet blazers and pants as this is a hot trend and you will feel warm.

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