Negative Space Nail Art Ideas

Negative space manicure means leaving part or parts of your nails uncovered – maybe just a neutral top. That way, the design becomes a lot more eye-catching and negative space nails have already become a big trend. Today we’re sharing some ideas for those who are looking for them.

Geometric nails art

Geometric manicure is a big trend itself, but with a negative space – just wow, they’re incredibly popular! Chevron is at the top of here – it’s pretty easy to make and looks great, but you can also choose different geopatterns of your choice. Such a mani in some neutral shades or in black and white is also suitable for work, which is great.

Color blocking

The color blocking trend is ubiquitous, from home decor to outfits, and you should try it on your nails too! Combine the negative space with a bold or dark color for maximum contrast and add some pearls or stars for a more eye-catching look.

Other ideas

Half moon manicures look super cute, and if you go for a French half moon mani you won’t regret it! You can also try stripes, flowers, stars, and some other shapes of your choosing. Negative space nails always look noticeable and take inspiration from the following ideas!

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