Navy Blue Trousers Outfits

Fall is almost here, so it is the right time to prepare for this season. If you want to create a chic and elegant look, this subject of an article is perfect for you. Today we are going to talk about dark blue pants. I think this piece of clothing is one of the basic items in everyone’s wardrobe. If you don’t already have them, please select and buy them urgently.

Take pants first depending on your body shape, your occasions and your personal style. For office looks, for example, choose straight or skinnies. For casual looks you can find cool cuffies or culottes (keep in mind that this can make you look visually shorter. So always add heels or classic pumps to these looks).

Now let’s find out what items of clothing and what colors dark blue pants go well with. Of course, a white shirt and dark blue pants are a great combination of clothes. So you can combine a classic button-down shirt (it can be printed with stripes, for example) with dark blue pants, neutral shoes and a large bag for the traditional office look (you can also add a jacket in the same color palette). You can also change a simple white shirt to a pastel colored shirt and boldly add some printed shoes for a fun and more interesting look.

You should know that these pants look great with coral and light pink colors. So if you have a creative job (or don’t have a strict dress code) pair these pants with a coral or blush pink jacket or top.

And finally, I have to warn you: do not try to combine dark blue pants with lots of black, dark purple or dark blue things. Now take a look below and find more cool ideas to repeat. Let yourself be inspired and enjoy!

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